Evert Lindquist quoted in Globe and Mail article

Evert Lindquist, professor with the School of Public Administration at UVic, was quoted by reporter Ian Bailey in an article for the Globe and Mail.

Evert, who has written on government transition, said the precarious nature of BC’s new government may work for and against the recruitment of staff. On one hand, the challenge for prospective staff is that the government may not last long.

“These are big decisions for people to take on these positions. They may have to move families and relocate, and leave other careers, maybe other jurisdictions. So what are they signing up for? Two weeks? Two months? Two years? That’s a big question.”

On the other hand, he said some will see the negatives as an opportunity. “There may be some people who don’t want to sign up for four years, but the idea of signing up for two months might not be a bad idea. It might come at the right time. They can see how it goes. They could take leave from their current places of employment. There may be a bit of an opportunity there.”

Evert said the issue for the NDP will not just be about governing, but recruiting staff who can prepare for the next election campaign and advancing key pieces of the NDP – and Green Party – agenda, given that all decisions made in government will be subject to review in a campaign. “That may change the calculation of how one staffs up in ministerial offices,” he said.

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