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Special Issue of Journal Focuses on Indigenous Governance & Public Administration

The December issue of the Journal of Canadian Public Administration/ Administration publique du Canada, edited by Prof. Evert Lindquist, is a special issue focusing on Indigenous governance and public administration. Among the authors are three graduates of the School’s PhD program.

Global consortium to train community-based researchers

Budd Hall, professor with UVic’s School of Public Administration, and Rajesh Tandon, Founding President of Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA), are UNESCO co-chairs in Community Based Research and Social Responsibility in Higher Education. Now entering a second four-year term, Hall and Tandon will continue their work assisting countries around the world to build knowledge societies through training in CBR.

CANCELED: Catholic Mass & Devotion

For Catholics the celebration of the Mass is the continuation of the Jesus' loving offer of himself and considered the source and summit of our faith.
Catholic Mass - Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays
Catholic Devotion - Monday

Yoga for Meditation

A free guided gentle 50 minute yoga practice.
This is a drop-in program, and everyone is welcome.

Learn to Meditate

Our core practice is Meditation and Mindful Awareness. These are key tools in the development of conscious and compassionate ways of being present to the complex and stressful reality of our lives.Free. Drop-in when you can. No experience necessary.

The Religion of Humans for the First 95% of Their History

What was the religion of humans for the first 190000 or so years of their existence? This lecture will provide some speculative answers and reflections on possible methods for arriving at theseanswers.


Feb 217:00 & 9:15pm

Trojan Women

Set against the brutal aftermath of the Trojan War, Euripides shifts our focus away from the conquering heroes to tell the story from the perspective of the vanquished wives, mothers and daughters.How can hope prevail while they struggle with grief and uncertainty as the victors decide their fate?

A Dance of Pen and Pencil: Illustrated Victorian Serials

Curated by Dr. Mary Elizabeth Leighton and Dr. Lisa Surridge (Department of English)