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SPA supports Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities Regional Climate Plan

Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities are working together to mitigate climate change. These communities are adapting to a changing climate by creating resilient, regenerative, inclusive and prosperous communities and economies. The Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities Climate Leadership Plan Steering Committee (VICC CLP SC) has been convened by three Vancouver Island Mayors—Lisa Helps (Victoria), Josie Osborne (Tofino), Michelle Staples (Duncan)—in order to help catalyze climate mitigation and adaptation throughout the region. The VICC CLP SC includes representatives from each of the regional districts on the island and the Sunshine Coast to produce a plan that will catalyze climate mitigation and adaptation throughout the coastal region.

Tips for minimizing influenza risks

As the areas affected by the outbreak of COVID-19 changes and we learn more about the virus, we will provide updated public health recommendations. We are now aware that this virus can cause a range of mild to severe symptoms, and it is possible that people will not recognize symptoms that are mild. Given this new information, there are steps that people at risk of COVID-19 can take to reduce the chance of spread to others.

Dr. Speers: BC Budget 2020

On February 18, 2020 Dr. Kim Speers joined CBC's Kathryn Marlow on "All Points West" to share her thoughts and perspective about the BC Budget 2020 . "Not too many surprises", "campaign ready budget", "Speech from the Throne and the Budget - very similar languages and messages..."

Live Stream: Violin Studio Recital

TUKTUUYAQTUUQ (Caribou Crossing): Maureen Gruben

In Maureen Gruben's careful attention to life-sustaining physical elements, she alsotraces the caribou's vast immaterial presence in her culture.

Last day for withdrawing from first term courses without penalty of failure

To Fish As Formerly: A Story of Straits Salish Resurgence

To Fish as Formerlytells the story of the SX̱OLE (the Reef Net Fishery) through contemporary art, traditional knowledge and historical documentation.

Living Without Oil series: Impact on Society of Life Without Oil

What better way to end the series "Living Without Oil" than to hear from an Albertan whohas spent his life in the industry? Energy Policy Analyst and Oil & Gas Writer David Yager will bring a perspective grounded in the history of the industry and offer a viewpoint on how we will bechallenged living in a world without oil. What is the vision for society as we move away from oil, and hydrocarbons in general?

An Elder Academy Event