Course Delivery Notice Summer 2021

Dear students,

The School of Public Administration has decided to cancel all on-campus activities for this Summer. There will be no Summer residencies for MACD students, and courses will be online for all cohorts and programs. We made this decision based on the current COVID-19 situation. Even if we can’t foresee what the future will be, we need to make plans in advance. Considering the current pace of vaccination and the transmission trends in BC, other provinces and worldwide, we think it would be too risky to plan for on-campus activities this Summer.

Synchronous courses will be scheduled using timetables to allow for Zoom meetings, and we will organize online public events. We will communicate with you later when we have more information.

In the meantime, you can stay informed of news and public events by checking the news on our website front page (, by following us on Twitter () and on Linked-In (UVic Public Administration).

We all need to be patient and stay optimistic. There is hope that the situation improves, but it will take time.

All the best,

Astrid Brousselle and Jill Chouinard