How do you think your studies at SPA will impact your future?

This is the question posed by our Director, Dr. Astrid Brousselle, to all of the School of Public Administration students. We ask you to take a photo that you think illustrates how you think your studies at the School will impact your future?

Maxine BruceMaxine Bruce, a student in the Diploma in Indigenous Community Development and Governance program, graciously submitted her story:

Ama sqit Nsneknukwa7
(translation: Good day my friends and relatives)

Hello, my name is Maxine Joseph-Bruce, and I am a member of the Lil’wat Nation living in Mount Currie, B.C.  I have two children, Kenny and Melody, both are adults and are living on their own. 
I come from a large family of 10 siblings, my late parents are both of the Lil’wat Nation.  My parents were very political, they served their community in many aspects; my mother served on the school board for many years as well as coordinated a cultural dance group and my father was an elected official for well over 30 years.  Both parents passed-on in the late 1990’s.

I have learned much from my parents as they served and helped our community, I strive to do the same.  I am currently an elected official in my community, serving my 5th term.  As an elected official, my focus is around Economic Development and I tend to many other community needs.  In addition, I am on my eighth year as the President and Chairperson of the Lil’wat Business Group’s companies.  I enjoy working for my people, working for positive change.

I feel that the studies at SPA are indeed a positive impact to my personal and work life, and will benefit my community substantially as we move forward with Inherent Right to self-government.

Kukwstum’kalap (translation: Thank you to you folks)

Nilh ti  (translation: that’s all I have to say)

We invite you to add your photovoice.

How do you think your studies at SPA will impact your future? Take a photo that illustrates this question. Add 5-10 lines explaining the rationale for the picture.

Caution and ethics: Avoid taking a picture of persons that could be recognized (unless it is you in the picture). You are free to decide whether or not you want to participate. By participating, you accept that the School of Public Administration uses the material you will be sending for its communications which means it could be posted on our website, used in our reports and in our PowerPoint presentations. To recognize your contribution, we will indicate your name and the fact that you are a student enrolled in one of our programs.

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