School of Public Administration

US Travel Ban

The School of Public Administration at the University of Victoria stands firmly against the recent actions taken by the Government of the United States of America to close its borders to people solely based on religion and birth place. The actions of the US government stand in firm violation of core public administration and public policy tenets around social justice and evidence-based decision making. We know that these actions have had displacing effects on those who have fled war, persecution, injustice, and terror and we applaud the Government of Canada for welcoming those affected.

The University community is an international one, comprised of scholars, students, and staff from all backgrounds, religions, experiences, and beliefs and the ripple effects of the US Government’s actions have and continue to be deeply felt across our community. The University of Victoria has announced supports for community members affected by the US travel ban.

The School of Public Administration at the University of Victoria is also ready to support our fellow students and scholars. If you are a scholar or student in Public Administration, Public Policy, Dispute Resolution, Evaluation, or Community Development who has been displaced by the actions of the United States and are in need of a temporary institutional home, please review the links below and contact us if we can be of any assistance.