Global learning opportunities

Engage in and explore world-mindedness in your nursing program. Through global learning you can:

  • explore diversity
  • critique and attend to power and privilege
  • foster inclusivity and cultural safety
  • promote social justice, world-mindedness and global citizenship

UVic is bringing the world into the classroom (actual or virtual) and promoting outreach around the globe through teaching/learning, networking, research, practica and co-operative work experiences.

Current opportunities

  • All third year undergraduate BSN students take NURS 342: Health and Healing VI: Global Health Issues
  • Nursing students can complete a practicum in rural, remote or urban locations. You’ll experience diverse cultures, intersectoral collaboration, and work with those living with marginal health resources.

We look forward to hearing your ideas and working with you in bringing this lens of world-mindedness alive in nursing curricula in our programs.