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The Communiqué research publication

The Communiqué is a research and scholarship publication of the University of Victoria School of Nursing that ran from 2010 to 2018. All Communiqué articles are now hosted individually on the UVic School of Nursing research blog.

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Download the Communiqué:

Winter 2018 (teaching and learning)
Spring/Summer 2017 (research edition)
Fall 2016 (40th Anniversary edition)
Spring 2016 (knowledge synthesis)
Fall 2015 (public health focus)
Spring 2015 (Island Health issue)
Spring 2014 (student focus)
Fall 2013 (history issue)
Spring 2013 (palliative care issue)
Fall 2012 (ethics issue)
Spring 2012 (informatics issue)
Winter 2012
Autumn 2011
Summer 2011
Spring 2011
Winter 2011
Autumn 2010