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Mailing address

School of Nursing
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria BC V8W 2Y2

Courier or in-person address

School of Nursing
University of Victoria
3800 Finnerty Road
HSD Building, Room A402a
Victoria British Columbia V8P 5C2


Admission Inquiries

Undergraduate Admission Inquiries

Michelle Hoskins, Administrative Assistant Undergraduate Admissions & Advising
Phone: 250-472-4361

Graduate Admission Inquiries

Russell Hawkins, Administrative Assistant, Graduate Programs
Phone: 250-721-8994

Kristen Elder, Program Assistant, Graduate Education
Phone: 250-721-6315

School of Nursing Director

Dr. Susan Duncan, Director
Phone: 250-721-7953

Shelley Lietaer, Assistant to the Director
Phone: 250-721-7955

Undergraduate Programs

Dr. Lenora Marcellus, Associate Director, Undergraduate Programs and Partnerships (on Study Leave January 1 - June 30, 2021) 

Dr. Margaret Scaia, Acting Associate, Director Undergraduate Programs and Partnerships

Genny Thompson, Admissions Liaison Officer/Student Advisor, Undergraduate
Phone: 250-472-4702

Graduate Programs

Dr. Anne Bruce, Associate Director Undergraduate Education

Paul Meier, Graduate Advisor
Phone: 250-721-7961

Research and Scholarship

Dr. Marcia Hills, Associate Director Research and Scholarship

Danielle Driscoll, Administrative Assistant, Research and Scholarship
Phone: 250-721-6479

General Inquiries

Phone: 250-721-7954
Fax: 250-721-6231

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Office (phone tree only) 250-721-7954 HSD A402a
Director Susan Duncan 250-721-7953 HSD A402b
Office Manager/Assistant to the Director Shelley Lietaer 250-721-7955 HSD A402a
Academic Administrative Officer Jill Nichol 250-721-6335 HSD A402c

Undergraduate Education

Associate Director Undergraduate Programs & Partnerships Lenora Marcellus 250-472-5428 HSD B208
Assistant to Associate Director Undergraduate Danielle Driscoll 250-472-4315 HSD A402a
Assistant, Faculty & Undergraduate Course Delivery Naomi Poeschek 250-721-6333 HSD A402a

Undergraduate Education - Admissions & Advising

Admissions Liaison Officer/Student Advisor Genevieve Thompson 250-472-4702 HSD A404
Assistant, Admissions & Advising Michelle Hoskins 250-472-4361 HSD A402a

Graduate Education

Associate Director Graduate Education Anne Bruce 250-721-6463 HSD A424
Graduate Education Advisor Paul Meier 250-721-7961 HSD A406
Assistant, Graduate Programs Russell Hawkins 250-721-8994 HSD A402a
Assistant, Graduate Programs Kristen Elder 250-721-6315 HSD A402a
Assistant, Graduate Course Delivery Douglas Thompson 250-472-5208 HSD A402a
Assistant, Nurse Practitioner Program Stephanie Holmes 250-472-5676 HSD A402a

Practice Education

Practica Coordinator, Graduate Education Kambria Ernst 250-721-6334 HSD A414
Practica Coordinator, Undergraduate Education Heather Ulmer 250-721-6191 HSD A476
Practica Coordinator, Undergraduate Education Sarah Yee 250-472-4608 HSD A412
Assistant, Practica Undergraduate & Graduate Jasmine Fern 250-721-8502 HSD A402a

Research and Scholarship

Associate Director Research and Scholarship Marcia Hills 250-472-4835 HSD B206
Assistant, Research and Scholarship Heidi Sugars 250-721-6470 HSD A402a