Congratulations to Nursing faculty for award winning paper

School of Nursing faculty, Karen MacKinnon and Anne Bruce, and recent PhD graduate Diane Butcher have been awarded a 2018 Global Qualitative Nursing Research Award.

The Editorial Board of GQNR recently reviewed articles published in 2018 to select the 2018 GQNR Best Paper Award in the empirical category. The papers were reviewed in relation to the significance of the contribution of the findings to new understandings in the field of study, methodological excellence, and overall elegance of the writing and presentation of ideas. The paper Karen MacKinnon, Anne Bruce and Diane Butcher was selected for this award for their article, Working to Full Scope: The reorganization of nursing work in two Canadian community hospitals.

The study was conducted when nurses expressed concerns about recent changes in the patient care delivery model that affected their ability to provide safe, patient-centred nursing care. We thank these dedicated nurses for coming forward to share their experiences and hope that this study has helped more fully articulate how their work is organized by managerial discourses and practices. Institutional Ethnography is a powerful tool for exploring everyday work experiences and explicating the unintended consequences of institutional work processes. We also hope that nurses working in similar contexts of care have been able to draw on this research when advocating for their patients and for work processes that support professional nursing practice. Nursing matters.