Apply to Master of Nursing program

General admission requirements

Applicants must apply for a single program option (e.g. APL, NUED, NP or NUHI). Multiple applications will not be reviewed.

Candidates will be considered for admission under the general regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Applicants must have completed a Baccalaureate in Nursing (equivalent to the degree offered by the University of Victoria) with at least a B+ (77%) average calculated over the last two years (or equivalent of 30.0 UVic units) of the degree to be considered. Practica, non-graded (pass-fail) courses, credit granted on the basis of life or work experience, or credit earned at institutions not recognized by the University will not be used in determining your grade point average or units completed.

Please Note: Each year the School receives a considerable number of applications for entry into the Master of Nursing program; and thus, the admissions process is a competitive one. Meeting admission requirements does not guarantee entry to the program. Recommendations for admissions are for a particular program option, start date and cannot be deferred. Applicants declining an offer of admission must re-apply.

Verification of registration as an active practicing nurse is required from the regulatory body of the jurisdiction where you live. The equivalent of a minimum of two years' full-time recent nursing practice as a registered nurse, preferably in the chosen area of concentration, is strongly recommended.


  1.  An upper level (300 or 400) undergraduate statistics course* from a recognized post-secondary educational institute. Must have a final grade of B or higher. Must be completed within 5-years of the date of application.
  2. An interactive Indigenous cultural safety course for health providers within 5 years of application (e.g., PHSA San'yas Indigenous Cultural Safety Training) – applicants to the (NP option only)

For your application to be complete the required statistics course and the Indigenous Cultural Safety course (NP option only) must be completed by July 31st  prior to program start.

*The statistics course is required to ensure that you are prepared to successfully engage with and complete the course content in both required MN program research courses. If not already completed, you may wish to consider enrolling in one of the following statistics courses (offered online) for the purpose of meeting the pre-requisite admission requirement to the UVic MN program:

Athabasca University

SOCI 301

MGSC 301

MATH 215

MATH 315

Thompson River University - Open Learning               

STAT 1201

The statistics course is required to ensure that you are prepared to successfully engage with and complete the course content in both required MN program research courses. It does not need to be completed upon application to the program.

Evidence of the successful completion of the stats course must be received no later than December 31 of the year prior to entry into the MN program.

Applications open: September 1.

Application deadline: December 1.

Documentation deadline: December 31.

Applicants are encouraged to begin the application process early, as there is often a delay in obtaining the necessary supporting documents (e.g., references, transcripts). Graduate Admissions is particularly busy and it is advisable to have all supporting documents in as early as possible to avoid a processing delay.

Guidelines for Applicants

The following information is provided to explain and assist applicants in presenting a complete/competitive application. Applicants who have complete applications will be given priority over those applicants who have requirements still in progress. While these suggestions are designed to assist in the completeness of applications, they do not in any way guarantee admission. Due to the competitive nature of the application process, applicants should be aware that a completed application may or may not be competitive in comparison to other applications in any given year. Completeness of the application does not equate with competitiveness of the application.

  1. Apply online using the official online application form.
  2. Baccalaureate Degree
    Submit unofficial transcripts of all degree and coursework
  3. Submit evidence of the successful completion of all required prerequisite courses (e.g. unofficial transcripts and/or a copy of your Indigenous Cultural Safety course completion certificate)

    For your application to be considered, one or both prerequisite requirements MUST be completed by December 31st of the year prior to program start, however a competitive application will have ALL the prerequisite courses completed at the time of application.

  4. Assessment Reports (2)
    Assessment reports are required from at least one academic reference and the second may be a professional reference or another academic reference who is familiar with your work. The names and email addresses of your chosen assessors are required when you submit your online application. It is important that you contact your referees prior to providing them here in order to confirm their willingness to provide you with an assessment. A letter of reference may also be supplied as part of the assessment report. UVic will send the assessment form information directly to your referees upon submission of your application. Submissions of references will be collected electronically alongside your application information. For more information on these reports visit Graduate Admissions and Records. See Assessment reports in the accordion section:

  5. Personal statement. The personal statement is an important part of the application process and provides a formal sample of the applicant's writing.




    Double Degree

  6. Curriculum vitae. (CV)

  7. Employer reference form from someone in a direct supervisory role. (Double Degree applicants only
  8. Double Degree


  • An in-depth letter must be submitted showing actions taken to strengthen their new application over the previous one. It needs to be typed, double spaced, with normal margins and should be no longer than 2-pages.
  • Updated documents are also required to reflect the actions taken to strengthen the application (e.g. CV, new transcript, etc.)