Celebrate our 2023 Research Excellence Award winners

Join us Friday, April 21, as we celebrate the winners of the HSD Research Excellence Awards at our second annual HSD Research Day! There's still time to register. Congratulations to all of the winners.

With 15 faculty speakers presenting across the rest of the day from Nursing, Social Work, Indigenous Governance, Health Information Science, Public Administration, Child and Youth Care, and Public Health and Social Policy, there will be plenty of opportunities to hear about research that is building just, equitable, decolonial, and sustainable futures.

Early Career Research Excellence

Tamara Krawchenko 

Tamara Krawchenko, assistant professor, School of Public Administration

“Her impactful research addresses major challenges of our time such as the need to transition to post carbon economies in a way that is just for right holders and stakeholders; Indigenous economic and community development and; reducing territorial inequalities.” — Nominator Kim Speers

Matthew Little 

Matthew Little, assistant professor, School of Public Health and Social Policy

“He has been at the forefront of the most existentially challenging issue of our time: climate change and its impacts on human health and wellbeing. Specifically, he takes a community engaged and equity-centred approach to study food security, nutrition, and nutrition-related health outcomes in low-and middle-income countries and Indigenous communities in Canada.” —Nominators Jeff Masuda and Cathy Worthington

Mid-Career Research Excellence

Karen Urbanoski

Karen Urbanoski, associate professor, School of Public Health and Social Policy

“Karen has been supremely successful in developing several innovative lines of research with high value to public health. As a social epidemiologist, her research focuses on the social-structural determinants of substance-related harms, the organization of service systems, and much of her work has involved community-based research that emphasizes partnerships with vulnerable persons and Indigenous organizations.” — Nominator Tim Naimi

Indigenous Research Excellence

Gina Starblanket

Gina Starblanket, associate professor, School of Indigenous Governance

“A former Canada Research Chair in the Politics of Decolonization, Gina’s work focuses on Indigenous politics and Canadian politics, and takes up issues surrounding treaty implementation, gender, feminism, identity, decolonization, resurgence, and relationality. Gina has a demonstrated record of community and academic leadership, along with her wide range of expertise in Indigenous political and treaty-based relationships.”—Nominator Devi Mucina


What: HSD Research Day 2023: Sharing our Research and Teaching Scholarship

When: Friday, April 21, 9 am to 5 pm; Research Excellence Awards presented at 10 am

Where: Upper Lounge, Student Union Building, UVic (lunch and snacks provided)

Register: Via SurveyMonkey