Invitation to participate in assistive technology research

 Why is this study being done?

The team is seeking input from different groups of individuals to inform the development of extensions to the Ability411 platform ( Currently, Ability411 is a web-based service that provides practical information on assistive technologies (AT) to older adults, their family members, and health care providers.

Assistive Technologies (AT) can be defined as "any item, piece of equipment, software program, or product system that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the abilities of" older adults or persons with disabilities (Assistive Technology Industry Association, 2019,

This project will develop extensions to the Ability411 website based on the specific needs and requirements of different groups of individuals.

Am I eligible to participate?

This study is looking for individuals in any of the following groups:

  • Older Adults – aged 50 and older, who have used or are currently using assistive technology
  • Informal Caregivers – provides care to one or more older adults who have used or are currently using assistive technology
  • Healthcare Providers – provides care to older adults who have used or are currently using assistive technology
  • Government Policy Maker – creates health care policy and/or technology policy for health care
  • Persons with a Disability – have used or are currently using an assistive technology to address functional limitation
  • Persons who work for Vendors – persons over the age of 18 who work for or work with vendors of assistive technologies

What is required if I choose to participate?

Focus groups are being held separately with each of the groups outlined above. You would be asked to meet for a focus group (1-2 hours in duration) to discuss your information needs and/or requirements regarding your assistive technology use and services. During the focus group, you will be asked to participate in a guided activity (paper and computer prototyping).

Who is conducting this research?

This study is being conducted by Dr. Elizabeth Borycki in the School of Health Information Science and Dr. Karen Kobayashi in the Department of Sociology, both at the University of Victoria.

For more information, please see the poster or contact the Research Coordinator at