Health Information Technologies to Communicate Information with Citizens

Dr. Elizabeth Borycki is a leader in Digital Health Canada. She has published over 150 articles, book chapters and books in the areas of:

  • Patient and Health Information Technology safety, quality and usability.
  • Health Information technology management and strategy.
  • Health Information technology competencies for Health and Health Informatics professionals telehealth, home health, mobile health and wearable technology to support patient and citizen health.

Dr. Borycki founded the International Medical Informatics Association Working Group focusing on Health Informatics for Patient Safety.

Dr. Elizabeth will be a keynote speaker in the Global Healthcare Communications Summit taking place in Toronto, Canada (4-5 April). Canada’s first ever global gathering of healthcare communications professionals will focus on PR and communication tactics and trends that will help you stay on top of the latest developments and technology trends.

She will talk about Health Information Technologies: An Added Way to Communicate and Exchange Information with Citizens, Patients and their Families.