Resume Workshop Recording

ATTENTION Current CYC students!

View the November 22nd Resume Workshop conducted by Jeremy Pearce, Career Educator with UVic Career Services and Certified Career Development Practitioner on the SCYC Community site. This workshop will give you the chance to build and strengthen your resume and cover letters to show employers in the CYC Field the value you bring to various practica and/or jobs. This will be achieved through unpacking and expressing: any previous practica, courses, work, volunteer, and other experiences in a way that shows evidence of your relevant skills, knowledge and attributes for specific roles.
Jeremy Pearce, the facilitator of this workshop, is a Career Educator with UVic Career Services, has a Bachelor of Social Work from UVic, and is a Certified Career Development Practitioner. As part of his portfolio at UVic, he has been coaching CYC students on career planning and effective work search for the past five years. He has also worked as a youth worker with Victoria Youth Empowerment Society for 3 years, and as a youth employment counsellor with Spectrum Job Search Society for 5 years.