Andrée Lacasse

Andrée Lacasse
Manager of Policy in the Lands and Economics Development Sector
Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada

BCYC (2014)

As the co-founder of the Isa Mundo Foundation and a dedicated mother of an Inuk son, Andrée is a Manager of Policy in the Lands and Economics Development Sector of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada. Her degree shaped her thinking about child and youth development and provided her with the knowledge and skills to make sense of concrete and tangible issues facing Indigenous communities. Andrée’s career as a public servant has involved positions focused on social policy, regarding homelessness, caregiving, multiculturalism, marginalized youth and human rights.

All my positions in the Government, have been directly or indirectly linked to improving lives of children in communities whether on-reserve or urban environments. An important part of my work (at Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada) is about improving the situations of Indigenous communities by providing better economic opportunities. Sound economic opportunities mean stronger social and cultural ties within the community, which leads to thriving Indigenous communities as a whole.

Previous/subsequent education: Schiller International University – BA in International Relations and Diplomacy & MA in Business Communications