Course challenge


What is course challenge?

Students with appropriate background and experience who wish to challenge our second and/or third year practicum courses may register in CYC 210A Supervised Practicum I by Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) or CYC 310A Practicum II by Prior Learning Asessment (PLA).  In order to register in CYC 210A, students require two to three years full time CYC experience while students interested in taking CYC 310A by PLA require at least five years of practice experience. We recommend that you contact our course challenge lead, to help you determine whether this is a good option for you.

No other courses are available through the course challenge process.

Course challenge information – CYC 310A (prior learning assessment)

CYC 310A is an actual course, recommended for students with a minimum of five years experience in the CYC field.

The course is offered each term. Registration is done through , SCYC Undergraduate Program Manager.

The 310A PLA is worth 4.5 units and fees are assessed accordingly. You'll have twelve weeks to complete the assignment of putting together a portfolio showing evidence of your knowledge and skills in the following eight areas:

  1. Establishing Relational Practice
  2. Understanding Multiple Perspectives
  3. Demonstrating Intentional and Reflexive Practice
  4. Ability to Work Collaboratively
  5. Presents Self in a Professional Manner
  6. Commitment to Culturally Grounded and Decolonizing Practice
  7. Commitment to Personal Health, Wellbeing and Work-Life Balance

You'll have unlimited access to the instructor and the 310 course materials during this time.

For Practicum PLA (CYC 310A), please contact:  Ms. Christine Shelton  250-721-7988 Email: