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UVic makes the service available to you as an option for your personal and professional development. Your use of the service is voluntary. will collect some information (operating system e.g. IOS 7 and IP address) directly from your device. Please be advised that any information you may choose to disclose to is stored on servers located outside of Canada.
When you use this service, no personal information about you is collected by or for the university (except IP address), nor does the university provide any personally identifiable information about you to The service requires authentication using your NetLink ID and password. This information is not sent to Only a unique identifier which cannot be tracked to you is sent.
In addition, UVic sends a department code and whether you are faculty or staff. This additional information (and not IP address) is used by the university to evaluate the service usage. Only non-identifying usage information is provided to the university.
Canadian privacy laws do not apply to personal information you provide directly to You may wish to review the privacy policy before using the service. Questions about the collection of information by may be directed to the Organizational Development & Learning Services team at .
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Click here to access at Uvic is designed for all levels of learners, and new courses are added weekly. Exercise files let you follow along with the instruction as you learn and bookmarks help keep track of what you’d like to watch. is available 24/7 from any computer or mobile device.


Before accessing make sure you have read UVic's privacy statement at the top of this page.

For information on minimum requirements to use, visit the system requirements website. All UVic faculty and staff may access tutorials through our licensed agreement with until May 2018. Please note: Students do not have access at this time.

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  • On the go: Download the app on your smartphone and work your way through your favourite personal or professional videos on your coffee break, lunch hour, during your work out, or while sitting in waiting rooms.
  • As a group: Select a video and watch together as part of a staff or team meeting; use a video or series to help you when delivering lectures, presentations, or lunch and learn discussions, or start a Learning club and move through a course as a group.
  • As a supervisor: Suggest videos or playlists to your staff as part of their career development plan, or incorporate videos as part of your training program for new employees.

Can training be taken during working hours?
Managers and Staff are encouraged to have ongoing conversations about any professional development opportunities during working hours, including online learning such as Where operationally possible, managers are encouraged to support employees to access job related courses during their work day.
Employees also have access to courses for personal or professional development outside of their normal workday, from home or their mobile device.

Can instructors use videos in class?
As an instructor, you can show courses or videos in your on-campus or face-to-face classes as long as the classes are not being recorded or shared out. You will not be able to embed the videos in your online course space. You can create links but your students cannot access them.

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Create custom playlists to track your favourite videos or to design a personal learning program around particular themes. Click here to create your own playlists.

Here are some playlists of the month we have created especially for the UVic community, enjoy!
Learning basic office 2010                                                Basics of customer service

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