Speakers Series - Debt reduction and TFSA

Course duration: 1 Hour
Facilitator/Instructor: Rachael Paul - Consultant for Investors Group Financial Services Inc
Audience: Staff, Aspiring/New Supervisors, Supervisors, Managers
Course description

The average British Columbian has $39,000 of personal debt (non-mortgage) that they are trying to pay down. The monthly payments hinder their cash flow from saving for retirement, putting their children through post-secondary and a much needed vacation. Come learn about strategies to pay down your debt and pay less interest.

It’s highly encouraged to have 3-6 months of household expenses saved up for an unexpected expense or emergency. If it’s not the transmission or new tires on the car, it’s the dreaded hot water tank. We know these expenses come up, we just don’t know when. Come learn about the benefits to a Tax Free Savings Account and how to build a financial reserve.

Please note: the speaker series is comprised of community speakers from various community organizations who provide general information only.  The University does not endorse the services provided by community speakers or accept liability for the content of the sessions or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of information provided or services rendered by these organizations.  Please consult with your own licenced financial advisor or other professional advisors  to review your financial strategy and decisions.