Taking Charge of Change - all staff

Course duration: 4 hours
Facilitator/Instructor: Ardis Myette
Audience: Staff, Aspiring/New Supervisors, Supervisors, Managers, Leaders
Program: Supervising For Success Certificate (S4S)
Course description

The reality is that change can be uncomfortable. The good news is that there is something we can do to help ourselves survive and even thrive during these difficult times. This course will provide you with tips to help build and maintain resilience and flexibility during change, so that you can take care of yourself and your wellbeing during these difficult times.

  • provide information and tips about the 'nature' of change
  • encourage self-reflection about your own change process and rhythm
  • provide some tools and tips to develop resilience during change
  • clarify the process of change and transition
  • clarify resistance and provide strategies to deal with it

Competencies: Core—Navigating Change, Communication.