Providing Constructive Feedback ™

Course duration: 4 hours
Facilitator/Instructor: Patti McDonald
Audience: Supervisors, Managers
Program: Supervising For Success Certificate (S4S), Managing For Results (M4R) Certificate
Course description

One of the toughest parts of a leader’s job is providing or receiving feedback. Being on the receiving end of feedback can be a high stress situation; even a generally positive observation can be eclipsed by one negative comment.

Imagine hearing the words "this all looks very good, butthis one piece needs some work" - which phrase sticks out for you?

The emphasis of this course is on maintaining a spirit of openness and mutual respect. Learn to define constructive feedback and use key actions and techniques that will work for you. Practicing these invaluable skills with others in the course will help you to return confidently to the office, ready to give or receive feedback.

Competencies: Leadership - Investing in our People, Building our Culture, Achieving Results