Negotiating Resources for Your Team ™

Course duration: 4 hours
Facilitator/Instructor: Ardis Myette
Audience: Supervisors, Managers
Program: Supervising For Success Certificate (S4S), Managing For Results (M4R) Certificate
Course description

To accelerate productivity, teams need a steady flow of the right resources at the right time. If resources were all under a team leader’s direct control, it would be easy to provide what a team needs but that isn’t always the reality of today’s workplace. A leader’s negotiating skills play an increasingly important role in securing the resources a team needs to maintain its momentum towards aggressive goals.

In this course, participants learn negotiation skills specifically aimed at securing resources for their teams. Participants learn a set of key actions for negotiating for resources, plan and practice a negotiation conversation based on a real life situation and identify specific actions they will take to start applying their negotiation skills when they return to their daily routines.