Effective Workplace Communication - ISkills

Course duration: 2 half day sessions - 4 hours each (Mornings of 15 Nov and 24 Nov)
Facilitator/Instructor: Ardis Myette
Audience: Staff, Aspiring/New Supervisors
Program: Effective Workplace Relations Certificate (EWR), Stepping Up To Supervision Certificate (SU2S)
Course description

The specific objectives are for team members to:

  • Distinguish styles of communication and their impact on team morale and productivity.
  • Identify the important systemic components influencing an issue.
  • Increase awareness of self, others and the team for effective communication.
  • Apply six talking skills for sending clear messages.
  • Apply five listening skills for creating understanding, building relationships, and gaining information of high quality.
  • Carry out a process called 'mapping an issue' for making decisions, solving problems, and resolving conflicts, in group.
  • Facilitate productive team development.

Competencies: Core - Personal Effectiveness, Communication, Building Equitable Relationships

Please note: this course is to be taken in two blocks of 4 hours and you must be able to attend both sessions to register. (15 Nov and 24 Nov 8:30-12:30)