UVic Careers - resources for hiring managers

About UVic Careers

UVic Careers is the online job management system for all staff job postings in the following employee groups: CUPE 917, CUPE 951, Exempt Support Staff, PEA and Management Excluded.

How to access UVic Careers

Log in using your NetLink ID. If you come to a log-in screen requesting your email and password do not use these fields as they're for external users.

How to get hiring manager access

To create job requisitions in UVic Careers you need access to the system as a hiring manager. If you need this level of access, please have your supervisor email with your:

  • full name
  • employee ID (V#)
  • email address (primary rather than departmental).

Login using NetLink ID

UVic employees login using your NetLink ID and password. Do not use the user email and password fields.

Login using NetLink ID through Quick Job Search screen

If you see this screen, click the login icon.

Posting a job

Create a requisition for a job posting

To create a requisition you'll need:

  • position number of the job you're posting - you can find position numbers by logging in to FAST
  • position number of the supervisor
  • funding source information
  • an approved job description that's been reviewed by your HR advisor. If you do not have an approved job description contact your HR Advisor.

Get more details in the Create a requisition for a job posting quick guide.

Request a position number - new positions only

If you have an approved job description for a new position but no position number, please choose POSITION NUMBER REQUIRED in the "Employee group" field and NEW in the "Title" field. This will take you through the process to obtain a Banner position number and have your position job profile created.

The system will confirm when a job profile has been set up for your position. Get details on how to navigate the system in the Create a requisition for a new position quick guide.

Once your new position has a job profile you'll need to Create a requisition for a job posting.

Requisition approvals

All posting requistions will follow the appropriate approval process and the Budget Office will be the final approver.

The Requisition approvals quick guide describes key steps in approving a requisition. It also describes how to edit rejected requisitions and re-submit them for approval.

Creating and managing teams

The Creating and managing teams quick guide describes key steps in creating and managing teams.

Screening and reviewing applications

Screening and circulating applications

The Screening and circulating applications quick guide describes the key steps in screening applications and circulating resumés to your selection committee.

Reviewing candidate applications: For team members

The Reviewing candidate applications: For team members quick guides describes how team members will access requisitions from the Manage Requisition screen.

Hiring and onboarding

Extending offers of employment

The Extending offers of employment quick guide describes key system steps in extending an offer to a prospective employee. Please ensure you review and follow guidelines for Salary Administration and contact your HR Advisor if you need assistance.

Hiring and onboarding

Initiating onboarding is the responsibility of the hiring manager. This is a key process in UVic Careers and is the process through which your new employee will receive a V00#, NetLink ID, benefit and payroll forms.

The Hiring and onboarding quick guide describes the key steps in hiring and onboarding a new employee.

Other processes

Change Hiring Administrator

The Change Hiring Administrator quick guide describes how to change the assigned hiring administrator for a requisition.

Managing internal applicants

Internal applicants often require specific considerations as a result of legal obligations. In the case of union competitions, there are items within each relevant Collective Agreement that you will need to confirm:
  • CUPE Local 951:
    • Article 16.04 & 16.05
  • CUPE Local 917:
    • Article 16
  • PEA:
    • Article 5.06

The Communicating with applicants quick guide describes the process for considering and notifying internal applicants in UVic Careers.

Preferential and limited hiring

The Preferential and limited hiring quick guide describes the steps involved in creating a requisition and considering applicants for a preferential or limited hiring process.

Additional Resources

UVic Careers - resources and guides for hiring managers

Resources for employees hired through UVic Careers

Employee onboarding and orientation

UVic Careers quick guide

Onboarding guide for new hires

This quick quide describes what you can expect during the onboarding process once you have accepted an offer for a new position at the Unviersity of Victoria.

Additional recruitment resources and tools

Additional recruitment resources and tools are available. These resources provide best practice recruitment tools and techniques to support you throughout the hiring process.

Resources for job seekers

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