Sick leave, return to work and medical

Leaves and vacation

Sick leave, return to work and medical

Provisions for sick leave are defined in each of the employee groups' collective agreements.

Sick leave

Long term disability

What should I do if I’m likely to require more than three months to recover from injury or illness?

If at the end of three months, we'll need a medical opinion that your recovery from illness, injury or disability is unlikely within six months of the date you started sick leave. At that time you're advised to submit an application for long-term disability insurance benefits.

Get an application for long term disability benefits from your work life consultant or Suzanne Helston, Manager, Benefits, 250-721-8089.

What is long term disability?

Long term disability is sick leave insurance to cover a percentage of your wage loss, after you've been disabled from work for more than six months. BC Life is our insurance carrier.

Can I return to work after being on long term disability?

Yes. Your supervisor, work life consultant, union representative and a BC Life representative will assist you in safely returning to work, once you are medically able, with or without a medical accommodation.

Medical accommodation

What is a medical accommodation?

A medical accommodation is a measure to assist someone who has demonstrated a medical need resulting in a reduced ability to perform or fulfill the substantive duties of a job.

Medical accommodations are developed when there is an employee request supported by appropriate medical documentation and allows for operational requirements to be met.

Supervisors can also ask you if you need a medical accommodation. A medical accommodation may be implemented in conjunction with a return to work plan or be requested while you're still working.

What does a medical accommodation look like?

A medical accommodation may include:

  • work site and job modification
  • work assessment
  • changing the way a task is done
  • changing a routine or work schedule
  • acquisition of equipment and/or tools
What do I do if I need a medical accommodation?

As an employee it is your responsibility to:

  • establish in writing your need for a medical accommodation
  • discuss the request with your supervisor and physician
  • provide medical documentation regarding the functional impacts of the disability, injury or illness
  • cooperate with the university while they develop a medical accommodation

Any medical accommodation will be based on medical documentation provided by your physician. Your work life consultant has a medical form for your physician to complete. The completed form will assist in the development of your safe and sustainable medical accommodation.