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Needing some financial direction? Get your answers at our seminars, workshops and web resources....

As your partner in financial and retirement planning, UVic’s Human Resources and Pension and Investments Office are working together to offer you a financial roadmap including seminars, workshops and resources specifically tailored to you as a UVic employee.  

Check out frequently asked questions.

Seminars, workshops, speakers series and more...

Financial education seminars

How do I attend a seminar?

Future dates will be announced via Campus Checklist and digital screens once scheduled.

These seminars are for all regular employees wherever you are in your career path, to help you improve your financial roadmap and achieve your financial goals.

At the sessions, Aon Hewitt – highly-qualified, independent financial planning specialists will speak about:

  • Tax strategies to build up your wealth, including RRSP's and TFSA's
  • Tools to set and work towards an income target, including home purchase, retirement, etc.
  • Effective strategies to manage your assets
  • This session will not provide information on the UVic pension plan
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Partners and spouses are welcome!  

If you have any questions, please email

Retirement planning seminars

Are you age 55 or older?

If you answered yes - then you will receive an email in the Fall with your invitation and specific instructions to register when a seminar has been scheduled.

We understand that retirement planning is more than just numbers; you also want the confidence to transition from a structured work life to a new chapter that will be meaningful and rewarding. These seminars are specifically designed to meet the retirement planning needs of those retiring in the next 5 years.

If you are not quite ready to retire but have financial planning in mind, we recommend you attend a Financial Education Seminar to support your planning needs.

What information is presented at the seminars?

At the sessions, Aon Hewitt – highly-qualified, independent financial planning specialists will speak about:

  • Transitioning and lifestyle changes
  • Financial and legal aspects of retirement
  • Effective tax strategies to build your family income stream
  • Estate planning
  • This session will not provide information on the UVic pension plan

Partners and spouses are welcome!

How do I attend a seminar?

An email will be automatically generated for all pension plan members aged 55 or over; however, attendance for these sessions is limited to those who are within 5 years of retirement.

This will help to ensure a more current and accurate retirement financial picture thus enabling you to make better informed decisions on your approaching retirement.

If you have any questions, please email

UVic pension information sessions

UVic’s Pension and Investments Office will deliver a general overview on UVic’s Money Purchase and Combination pension plans for Executives, Faculty, Librarians, PEA and Management Excluded employees.

They will provide members nearing retirement with a better understanding of this valuable benefit.  
During these sessions they will review: 

  • factors to consider when choosing a retirement date and pension option
  • types of pension options available from your plan
  • early retirement provisions and survivor benefits
  • how to read and interpret your personalized estimates and review sample estimates.

Partners and spouses are welcome to attend these sessions, just remember to include their names in the registration process.

If you do not know what plan you belong to, see below or contact


Employee Group

Employment Status

Staff Pension Plan

Exempt Support Staff

Continuing, full or part-time

CUPE locals 917 and 951

CUPE local 4163 components 1 and 2 (these employees can opt-in to the plan on a voluntary basis)

Continuing, full or part-time

Combination Pension Plan


Continuing, Full time

Administrative and Academic professional staff, including:

  • Professional Employee Association
  • Management Excluded
  • University Executives

Money Purchase Pension Plan


Administrative and Academic professional staff, including:

  •   Professional Employee   
  •   Management Excluded
  •   University Executives

Assistant Teaching Professors, Associate Teaching Professors, and Teaching Professors

Sessional Lecturers

Continuing, less than full time

Term, less than full time


Information is the key to the start of any healthy financial roadmap.

We are please to provide you support on your financial journey, through a variety of financially based articles that are prepared by experts in the field - AON Hewitt for UVic.

Current articles include:

Be sure to check back on the website for additional articles

For more information on any of the seminars, sessions and workshops please email .

If you need assistance with regards to what pension plan you belong to please contact