Managing Complex Short Term Sick Leave (COVID-19)

For complex short term sick leaves please contact your assigned Work Life Consultant as soon as you are made aware of the situation.

A complex case will include cases where the employee is not able to return to work within 1 month, there are concerns about the absence, department is unable to temporarily accommodate without assistance and/or when there are other workplace concerns. If you are unsure on how to manage a case at any time contact your assigned Work Life Consultant.

The Work Life Consulting team manages the absence and disability management program (short-term illness/injury, return to work and medical accommodations) along with coordinating health promotion initiatives for staff and faculty. See video on COVID19 and campus safety.

Expedited Process for Temporary COVID-19 Medical Accommodations

If you are concerned that you are medically vulnerable to COVID-19, even with the exercise of the Safe Work Plan precautions on campus and in your unit and your doctor indicates you cannot risk exposures that may occur on campus or if your safety concern is related to a COVID-19 related mental health issue that meets the threshold for a DSM-5 medical disorder, you may be eligible for a medical accommodation. If a reasonable accommodation cannot be made, you may be entitled to sick leave.

Process for COVID-19 related Medical Accommodation

STAFF (Sessional Instructors-please see link to faculty and librarians below)

  1. Make accommodation request to their Supervisor 
  2. Take the abbreviated COVID-19 Medical Form/Physician Statement to their treating physician, together with a description of their duties for completion. 
  3. Once the Physician Statement is completed, submit it to Human Resources, Work Life Consultant.
  4. The Work Life Consultant will review the Physician Statement, confer with the supervisor and will propose an accommodation to the employee (if justified), or seek further information if necessary. 
  5. Once the Accommodation Plan is agreed to, it will be drafted by the Worklife Consultant and signed by the employee, supervisor or Return to Work Steward/Officer subject to requirements for additional approvals under the relevant collective agreement.
  6. Please ensure you adhere to all relevant collective agreement requirements in working with the employee on accommodation related matters.
  7. As needed, consult with your Human Resources Consultant.

Information for faculty and librarians is available through VPAC.