Leading for Engagement

This is an experiential development program designed to support a group of senior academic and administrative leaders to develop their leadership practice as they form strong bonds by working through program content together. The program typically runs from September to May with preparatory activities in August 2022.

Program summary

Building on participants’ individual perspectives about leadership and leadership approaches; the L4E program uses an accountability circle, self-assessments, peer team feedback, and cohort-based experiential learning to support learners in applying various mind sets, skills and approaches to engage teams in ways that are collaborative, inclusive and aligned with UVic’s values and strategic mission.

This year the program offers both core and elective content delivered in a mix of in-person and online synchronous sessions. Please download the Program Outline for a brief overview of this year's offerings.

Learning objectives:
Throughout the L4E process, leaders will:
  • Gain insight into the perceptions of others with respect to their leadership strengths, potential awareness gaps, and opportunities for growth.
  • Apply self-assessment and various feedback sources to identify and pursue developmental goals that optimally benefit the individual, team, and organization.
  • Explore diverse leadership strategies, models, world views, and behaviours to shift our leaders’ impact and efficacy.
  • Contribute and benefit from a community of leaders committed to strategically engaging teams around the values and mission of UVic.

Intended audience

L4E is designed for both academic leaders with supervision of faculty, administrative staff or oversight of a service area (e.g. Deans, Chairs, Research Centre Directors or Associate Deans) and senior administrative leaders in positions across the university (e.g. Directors, Management Excluded and senior PEA leaders of large administrative departments and services).

Recruitment process

Each executive area (PRES & USEC, VPI, VPFO, VPAC, VPER and VPR&I) is asked to coordinate a nomination process annually in the spring. Final selection of candidates will be made at the VP level and forwarded to ODLS and VPAC.

If you are interested in this program, please get in touch with your senior leader who will be engaged with the recruitment process.

If you have questions about this process or the program, please contact: