COVID-19 resources for employees

As part of UVic's response to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we have provided some resources to support employees who are working remotely, being redeployed, or planning for a resumption of on-campus activities.

Find general information related to UVic's COVID-19 response.

Workforce adjustments and LOAs

COVID-19 related workforce adjustments and agreements

Redeployment tools

This section offers information about redeployment and sharing resources for both managers and employees. The UVic shared resources process allows departments with additional workforce capacity to support other areas of the university that need help to respond to new or increasing demands.

Redeployment supports for employees and supervisors

Return to campus support (OHSE)

In our continued and evolving response to COVID-19, the university is introducing new plans, protocols and resources to protect the health and safety of all members of our university community.

Please see the OHSE website for COVID-19 Health and Safety Information and guidelines.

OHSE guidelines for safe return to campus

Additional FAQs for staff

FAQ's for Staff