About Human Resources

Human Resources at UVic is...

A team of professionals trained to identify needs, and provide HR advice, guidance, coaching and facilitation services regarding all Human Resource related issues.

The team:

  • provides services in advertising employment opportunities and coordinating the hiring of staff
  • oversees job evaluation plans and compensation policies
  • oversees employee benefits, negotiates and administers the collective agreements
  • offers employee learning and development opportunities
  • provides consulting and coaching services to support a positive and productive organization (change management, conflict resolution, strategic planning, performance development and teambuilding)
  • provides services that support a healthy workplace including health practices (active living, substance abuse, work-life balance) and Attendance and Disability Management (short-term illness/injury, return to work and physical accommodations)

Relationships with other departments

Human Resources Information Services (HRIS)/Payroll

The Payroll department is responsible for the accurate and timely running of all university payroll processes for both salaried and hourly paid employees, while ensuring compliance with current payroll and taxation legislation.

Vice President Academic and Provost

The Vice President Academic and Provost office provides HR, Leadership Support and Academice Planning support for Faculty and Librarians.

Equity and Human Rights (EQHR)

"The Equity and Human Rights office champions UVic's commitment to practices of equity, fairness and inclusion.  In partnership, we foster communities where strength is found in diversity and respect for difference provides dynamism and vibrancy to university life." 

Our mission reflects our belief that our role is to offer guidance and support that does more than enable people. We inspire and engage them in implementing positive human resource practices.

We are committed to building skills, growing confidence, and encouraging, and motivating people to act in ways that help achieve our workplace vision.

Our vision reflects our belief that we can support the university in becoming a university of choice by helping to create an outstanding workplace.  The kind of workplace where we can all grow, make an impact and stay.