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University Systems

Related departments: Computing Services , Academic and Admin Services , Network Services , UVic Online
University Systems
University of Victoria
Clearihue Building C026
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
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University Systems
University of Victoria
University Systems
3800 Finnerty Road
Clearihue Loading Ramp Rm. C070
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
University Systems
University of Victoria
University Systems
PO Box 1700
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Computer Help Desk 250-721-7687 CLE A037 helpdesk@uvic.ca
Toll Free for Help Desk: 1-844-721-7687

Technology Solutions Centre (TSC)

Technology Solutions Centre (TSC) 250-853-3572 CLE C143 tsc@uvic.ca


General Office 250-472-5924 CLE C026 systems@uvic.ca
Finance Clerk Kayleigh Gordon 250-721-8727 CLE C026 systems@uvic.ca
Systems Clerk Sara Harding 250-721-7531 CLE C026 systems@uvic.ca
Systems Clerk Vacant 250-721-8208 CLE C026 systems@uvic.ca
FAX 250-721-8778 CLE C026e
Chief Information Officer Wency Lum 250-721-7649 CLE C026b cio@uvic.ca
Administrative Assistant Shanda Sperling 250-472-5924 CLE C026 systems@uvic.ca
Acting Manager, General Office Chandra Beaveridge 250-472-4842 CLE C025 cvb@uvic.ca
Administrative Officer Trish Kearley 250-721-7646 CLE C026d trish@uvic.ca
Director, Infrastructure Ron Kozsan 250-472-4825 CLE C139 rkozsan@uvic.ca
Director, Academic and Administrative Services Nav Bassi 250-472-5924 CLE C026 navbassi@uvic.ca
Director, UVic Online Scott Thompson 250-721-7679 CLE C026c srt@uvic.ca
Given Name Last Name Office Telephone E-mail
Jeff Albert CLE D067 250-721-7653 (local: 7653) jralbert@uvic.ca
Mike Cave CLE D061 250-472-4997 (local: 4997) mcave@uvic.ca
Ryan Enge CLE D063 250-472-5447 (local: 5447) renge@uvic.ca
John Foxgord CLE D066 250-721-7677 (local: 7677) jfoxgord@uvic.ca
Divani Geditz CLE D079 250-472-4264 (local: 4264) dgeditz@uvic.ca
Bradley Hetherington CLE D077 250-721-7558 (local: 7558) bheth@uvic.ca
Eric Kolb CLE D028 250-721-7658 (local: 7658) ekolb@uvic.ca
Ron Kozsan CLE C139 250-472-4825 (local: 4825) rkozsan@uvic.ca
Kim Lewall CLE D069 250-721-7650 (local: 7650) klewall@uvic.ca
Wency Lum CLE C026 250-721-7649 (local: 7649) cio@uvic.ca
John MacDonald CLE D075 250-853-3254 (local: 3254) johnmacd@uvic.ca
Belaid Moa CLE D071 250-885-2483 bmoa@uvic.ca
William Parr CLE D064 250-472-5158 (local: 5158) wparr@uvic.ca
Hendrik Reitsma CLE D024 250-721-7682 (local: 7682) hbr@uvic.ca
Evan Rempel CLE D064 250-721-7691 (local: 7691) erempel@uvic.ca
Bob Riley CLE D050 250-853-3630 (local: 3630) kingbob@uvic.ca
Rick Rutherford CLE D073 250-721-8207 (local: 8207) rrutherf@uvic.ca
Sinisa Trajkovic CLE D081 250-472-5959 (local: 5959) sinisa@uvic.ca
Brian Watson CLE D050 250-853-3630 (local: 3630) brianw@uvic.ca