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Not your grandma’s radio station

Photo: CFUV.
Opinion / editorial: student voices

Radio is not dead, quite the contrary. The University of Victoria’s very own radio station, CFUV (101.9 FM), is breathing life into campus and community members alike who hold passion for local music and alternative broadcasting. Producing original programming every day from 6 a.m. to midnight, CFUV is a station that provides an evolving platform to those whose voices otherwise may not be heard.

The main objective of the station is to provide the campus and its community access to the world of broadcast radio. One of Johnnie Regalado’s personal objectives in his first year as station manager is to make an impact on the arts and music community. The role the station plays in the university and beyond is why CFUV’s annual funding drive (March 10-17 this year) is so important.

“We have such a diverse group of volunteers,” says Regalado. “They all come together for this one week.” He explains how a second- or third-year undergrad student whose radio show is before or after a studio veteran’s show who was here since the first day the radio station turned on in 1984 can become pals and share music. “That’s what I think is most exciting about the funding drive. Raising money’s great, but it’s the community building.”

CFUV is a three-party partnership between the UVic administration, students and the community at large. All play a role in keeping the station going. Half of all volunteers are community members and the other half students. This collaboration has made the station a great asset for the relationship between UVic and Greater Victoria.

This year CFUV has a fundraising goal of $35,000—their highest yet. The donations received go towards equipment purchases and keeping the station running. But it’s not just the hardware that the station needs help funding. CFUV is ever evolving and now offers podcasts, videos and online streaming, all of which rely on donations. The station also has a fantastic lineup of local artists who perform live on-air throughout the entire funding drive week. Donations can be made online or over the phone (250-721-8700).

One of the main purposes of the radio station is to give students and community members an opportunity to develop and use their creative talents on the air. I caught up with student DJ Siobhan Clancy to understand just how important the radio station is to both listeners and volunteers like her who help run the station.

“I feel as though I have been able to make a difference through the station,” says Clancy, who started off volunteering around the station before getting her own radio show this fall. “I have been able to volunteer all around Victoria and see how much of an impact our connection with the community has. I am a huge advocate for providing alternative Canadian musicians a platform to have their music heard.

“The opportunity to be a volunteer DJ has helped me figure out what I want to do in the future.”

The station has been a beacon of community radio for listeners across Vancouver Island for many years. CFUV relies on your donations to continue providing the university campus and community with fresh and alternative radio broadcasting.

You can stop looking for radio in the obituaries because it’s alive and thriving at CFUV. Tune in at 101.9 FM.

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