Hickman Building (HHB)

Hickman Building
Hickman Building

Formerly: Centre for Innovative Teaching (CIT)

The Hickman Building gives professors the opportunity to study teaching—both their own and the teaching of others. It houses the Learning and Teaching Centre.

The building, completed in 1999, contains two main 200- and 75-seat classrooms, both equipped for distance education broadcasts, and has the capacity for two further 25-seat classrooms. A seminar room, configured to act as an extension of the lobby, can double as a reception area for on-site teaching conferences. “Smart” classrooms wired for multiple closed-circuit TV cameras and remote projection systems links teachers and students in the building with other campus classrooms and beyond.


Harry Hickman portraitDr. W. Harry Hickman (1909 - 1997) began his teaching career at Victoria High School in 1932 before shifting his attention to post-secondary education. Hickman became president of UVic's predecessor Victoria College and was the first acting president of UVic upon its creation in 1963. A strong believer in art and culture, Hickman founded the university art collection. He was the head of UVic's modern languages and French departments before his retirement in 1974.