Enterprise Data Centre (EDC)

The Enterprise Data Centre (EDC2) provides additional server and data processing capacity to support research and administrative functions for the University of Victoria.
  • The new facility can accommodate up to 1260 kW of additional server capacity, or 3000 standard servers.
  • The first purpose-built data centre on campus, the facility was designed at UVic. All of the operating systems are backed up for continuous operation 365 days a year.
  • The EDC2 provides an additional 465 square meters of storage space, which can be converted for data centre use in the future.
  • Sustainable design features include low flow toilets, native landscaping and energy-efficient lighting.

Building Facts:

  • Building size: 465 square metres
  • Project budget: $6.14 million
  • Architect: CEI Neilson Architecture Planning Interiors