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University Communications + Marketing (UCAM)

University Communications + Marketing
University of Victoria
Sedgewick Building C149
University Communications + Marketing
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
University Communications + Marketing
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700, STN CSC
Victoria, BC
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Office Enquiries 250-721-7636
Executive Director Bruce Kilpatrick 250-721-7638 SED C152
Assistant to the Executive Director Aby Tannas 250-721-7639 SED C149

Creative Development

Manager, Creative Development Jolene Lowey 250-853-3153 DTB B365
Graphic Designer Melanie Carter 250-721-6264 DTB B365
Graphic Designer Susan Fergusson 250-721-8300 DTB B365
Marketing & Promotions Officer Lauren Heppell 250-721-6579 SED C166
Graphic Designer Julena Lovegrove 250-721-6262 DTB B365
Graphic Designer Kathryn Mullis 250-472-5015 DTB B365

Internal Communications

Manager, Internal Communications and Ring Editor Marc Christensen 250-721-6022 SED
Speakers Bureau Coordinator Mandy Crocker 250-721-8587 SED C148a
Stakeholder Communications Officer Melanie Groves 250-472-4357 SED C163

Internet Strategies

Manager, University Internet Strategies Robin Sutherland 250-721-6249 SED C140
Video Production and Web Design Coordinator Beth Doman 250-721-6245 SED C145
News & Social Narrative Coordinator Lindsay Gagel 250-853-3859 SED C167
Interactions Designer Amos Rowsell 250-853-3969 SED C142
Information Architect Len Collins 250-472-4993 SED C164
Web Coordinator Erin King 250-472-4886 SED C144
Social Media Coordinator Jes Scott 250-721-6342 SED C138
Web Writer Cathie Walker 250-853-3804 SED C141
Project Management Officer Cara Segger 250-721-7828 SED C164
Internet Strategies Assistant Heather Warren 250-853-3860 SED C149

Media Relations & Public Affairs

Director, Media Relations & Public Affairs Denise Helm 250-721-7656 SED 153
Associate Manager, Media Relations & Public Affairs Paul Marck 250-721-6246 SED C158
Media Relations & Public Affairs Assistant Tina Hoang 250-721-7636 SED C149
Communications Officer Suzanne Ahearne 250-721-6139 SED C160
Communications Officer Tara Sharpe 250-721-6248 SED C157
Communications Officer, Research Jody Paterson SED C165

Strategic Marketing

Manager, Strategic Marketing Nick Clewley 250-721-8843 DTB B345
Reception & Administrative Support Carole Richter 250-721-8281 DTB B345
Marketing Officer Tamara Clarke 721-625-7 SED C159
Marketing and Digital Signage Coordinator Alicia Kaiser 250-721-6274 SED C161
Photographer Louise Major
Senior Photographer Gregory Miller DTB B359
Marketing Production Manager Christine Howard 250-721-6263 DTB B365

Edge Department/Unit Implementation Team

Manager, Edge Department/Unit Implementation Team Christina Harris 250-472-5740 SED C123
Marketing and Creative Officer, Special Projects Danika Gagnon 250-472-5891 SED C121
Project Photographer & Videographer Mike Morash 250-580-6160 DTB B359
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Suzanne Ahearne 250-721-6139 (campus local: 6139)
Melanie Carter 250-721-6264 (campus local: 6264)
Marc Christensen 250-721-6022 (campus local: 6022)
Tamara Clarke 721-625-7
Nick Clewley 250-721-8843 (campus local: 8843)
Len Collins 250-472-4993 (campus local: 4993)
Mandy Crocker 250-721-8587 (campus local: 8587)
Beth Doman 250-721-6245 (campus local: 6245)
Susan Fergusson 250-721-8300 (campus local: 8300)
Lindsay Gagel 250-853-3859 (campus local: 3859)
Danika Gagnon 250-472-5891 (campus local: 5891)
Melanie Groves 250-472-4357 (campus local: 4357)
Christina Harris 250-472-5740 (campus local: 5740)
Denise Helm 250-721-7656 (campus local: 7656)
Lauren Heppell 250-721-6579 (campus local: 6579)
Tina Hoang 250-721-7636 (campus local: 7636)
Christine Howard 250-721-6263 (campus local: 6263)
Alicia Kaiser 250-721-6274 (campus local: 6274)
Bruce Kilpatrick 250-721-7638 (campus local: 7638)
Erin King 250-472-4886 (campus local: 4886)
Julena Lovegrove 250-721-6262 (campus local: 6262)
Jolene Lowey
Anne MacLaurin 250-472-4496 (campus local: 4496)
Louise Major
Paul Marck 250-721-6246 (campus local: 6246)
Gregory Miller
Mike Morash 250-580-6160
Kathryn Mullis 250-472-5015 (campus local: 5015)
Carole Richter 250-721-8281 (campus local: 8281)
Amos Rowsell 250-853-3969 (campus local: 3969)
Jes Scott 250-721-6342 (campus local: 6342)
Cara Segger 250-721-7828 (campus local: 7828)
Tara Sharpe 250-721-6248 (campus local: 6248)
Robin Sutherland 250-721-6249 (campus local: 6249)
Aby Tannas 250-721-7639 (campus local: 7639)
Cathie Walker 250-853-3804 (campus local: 3804)
Heather Warren 250-853-3860 (campus local: 3860)