The Edge of research-inspired teaching

Jin-Sun Yoon
Child and Youth Care professor Jin-Sun Yoon's reputation for continually challenging herself has been balanced with inspiration from and collaborative work with students, mentors, friends and colleagues. Together, they re-imagine education in context and in its symbiotic relationship with social service.

Dynamic learning

Research-inspired teaching integrated with hands-on experiences accelerate personal growth and career success for our students.

UVic students are encouraged to see themselves as part of the ongoing scholarly process of discussion and discovery. They’re encouraged and challenged to think critically, ask tough questions, learn how to communicate effectively and be engaged in their communities.

Award-winning instruction

With support from the Learning and Teaching Centre, instructors at UVic are acknowledged innovators in developing and identifying teaching practices which best support student engagement and success. Teaching excellence is recognized and supported with teaching awards.

UVic instructors are well represented among the winners of prestigious national Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 3M teaching awards. More than 40 UVic faculty members are fellows of the Royal Society of Canada, the senior national body of distinguished Canadian scholars, artists and scientists. Learn more about external award winners on our honour roll page.


Staff and faculty at the Learning and Teaching Centre discuss a program in which graduate students visit the classes of award-winning UVic teachers.