Travel. Study. Work. Three birds, with one stone.

MGB students riding scooters on Turtle Island, Taiwan
MGB students riding scooters on Turtle Island, Taiwan

Graduating students are at a unique position in their lives. It’s the beginning of a new chapter, with a lot of options. Should you start working? Paradoxically, most positions require a few years work experience. Should you travel and gain cultural experience? Yes, but maybe you’re more driven than that and you’re ready to begin your career. Besides, after four years of school, it may be a tough sell to your parents. Maybe you should go back to school, extend your knowledge and specialize your skill set with an MBA? But that also requires a few years of work experience. What about doing all three - study, travel, and work - in just one year?

The Master of Global Business (MGB), at the University of Victoria’s Gustavson School of Business might have the answer to your post-graduation woes. In 12 to 16 months, you’ll study global business in three countries across three continents, experience new cultures, and gain real-world work experience, all while earning your master’s degree. Think of it as an intensive international gap year with some practical outcomes. But do you have what it takes? We’ve come prepared. Here are 5 ways to tell if the UVic MGB is the right fit for you.

1. You’re intrepid. 

A spring term in France? A summer semester in Korea? How about an autumn in Peru? The UVic MGB is the only program in Canada where each term offers a new country to explore. Starting your first semester in Victoria, you’ll then choose from three different paths that take you around the world, across three different continents. During each term, you’ll dive into a module: Global Business Fundamentals, Global Business Opportunities and Global Business in Action. Then, at the end of your studies, you’ll get to complete a global internship in a country of your choosing. All in all, it’s potentially four countries in one year. So yes, you could say that this program is geared towards adventurous and bold students.

2. You’re thinking beyond Canada.

Like any program, we want our students to succeed. But we want to help on a global level too, so you can increase your job prospects and potential salary for a career that can take you anywhere. Through practical experiences, our classes follow a curriculum similar to an MBA in many ways, but through a global lens. It’s part of the reason that 50% of our graduates are now working in a career outside of their home country. Following your coursework, we’ll help you find an internship that matches you with an international business so you can gain valuable work experience on a global stage to help you start your career. Our numbers back this up: In just 3 months after completing our program, 88% of our graduates have landed a career position.

3. You want to grow your global perspective.

The most important lessons don't always take place in the classroom. With every semester in a foreign country, the UVic MGB strives to build cross-cultural intelligence and valuable soft skills both inside and outside of the classroom. As you immerse yourself in a new culture, each country will offer you a unique global perspective and prepare you with lifelong skills for international business. And you won’t just be a stranger passing through. Spending about three months in each location, you’re not merely skimming the surface as a tourist, but instead living day to day with a purpose. You’ll also be travelling with a culturally diverse cohort of students from country to country, which will help you develop an acute awareness of your own culture. Plus, you’ll grow a relationship with your cohort that will soon feel like family, as you travel to new places together and take on shared experiences.

4. You’re thinking big picture. 

The Gustavson School of Business isn’t interested in educating and preparing students just so they can land bigger salaries. To us, business is more than profits. It’s not to say there is anything wrong with Wall Street, we just think the world is bigger than that. That’s why our program strives to build principled leaders for the future and we do it by integrating triple bottom line thinking - profits, people and planet - into every aspect of our sustainable business program. So if you’re like us and you think it’s more important to make a positive impact on the world than it is to make a few more dollars, you’ll fit in nicely here.

5. You’re looking for your next challenge.

Sure, this program sounds like a lot of fun, but it shouldn’t be taken lightly. This master’s degree isn’t for the faint of heart. Not only are you tackling an intensive course load, but you’re also immersed in a completely foreign country and culture. We’re interested in students who are looking to push themselves and their comfort level. You’ll have to be comfortable being thrown into different environments, living out of a suitcase, finding directions without the knowledge of the local language (but with the help of classmates who do!), all while handling a full course load. But these are all skills that you’ll test and build for the rest of your career. Besides, you’ll be with a group of friends experiencing the same challenges right along with you.

So, are you up for the challenge? Learn more about where our program can take you.