MGB Path 2 - September start


* MGB Path Two intake is suspended for September 2021. Please visit our website again for exciting news!


There is no other program quite like it in Canada. You study in three countries, progressing through three modules: Global Business Fundamentals, Global Business Opportunities and Global Business in Action. Then you complete the program with a global internship.

PATH 2 is a North America, Europe, Asia path.  You’ll start your studies in Victoria, Canada then continue to Europe and Asia, spending approximately 3 months at the MGB partner universities in each country.


Program curriculum

Module 1: Fundamentals

You begin with the Global Business Fundamentals module to first acquire a deep understanding of both doing business in a global environment and the unique characteristics of the North American business context. The module integrates international finance, strategy, marketing, global logistics and supply-chain management with an appreciation of North American legal, economic and social factors. You progress through a firm's stages of internationalization: first, exporter issues; then international firm issues; and lastly, concerns related to multinational organizations. Courses include:

MGB 510 The North American Business Context
MGB 512 International Financial Management
MGB 516 International Marketing and Global Strategy
MGB 519 International Logistics and Supply Chain Management
MGB 570 Global Leadership and Cultural Intelligence
MGB 583 Language, Communication & Global Business
MGB 180 Language Skills I

Module 2: Opportunities

The Global Business Opportunities module provides you with an overview of how industries such as steel, food processing, ship building, fishery, petroleum and high tech deal with opportunity recognition and business development in a global setting as well as in an Asian business context. In addition, this module deals with the analyses and knowledge needed for successful global new business ventures as well as with Asia's entrepreneurial environment.

MGB 525 Business Development and Europe's Entrepreneurial Environment
MGB 530 The European Business Context
MGB 570 Global Leadership and Cultural Intelligence (Cont.)
MGB 583 Language, Communication & Global Business (Online Delivery)
MGB 181 Language Skills II

Module 3: Action

The Global Business in Action module, with its orientation towards exploring The Asian or European business context, is intended to prepare the students to apply their knowledge and global perspective to solving business and industry issues and challenges. It introduces students to the various stages of consulting methods. Students also receive an overview of the corporate governance structures, legal and economic systems and the environmental sustainability issues in the Asian- or European-based organization with global reach, and will be given the opportunity to provide consulting advice to the company.

MGB 520 The Asian Business Context
MGB 535 Consulting Methods and Practice
MGB 536 International Research and Consulting Report
MGB 570 Global Leadership and Cultural Intelligence (Cont.)
MGB 182 Language Skills III

Global Internship

The Global Business Experience module is your opportunity to put your learning into practice in an exciting trans-national internship.

MGB 537 Global Internship

Bader Murad

Bader Murad

Country of Origin: Canada

MGB: 2014

I clearly remember the day in August 2013 when 32 eager individuals first met each other at the Gustavson School of Business. Quietly, and rather nervously, we all walked around introducing ourselves; we talked about our backgrounds, our career ambitions, and what we hoped to gain from the program. Fast-forward 8 months, through the hours of studies, group projects, presentations and cultural experiences, and we can all agree that we gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience that no other program would have been able to deliver. However, one thing that none of us anticipated is the bond that we all created. Moving 3 times to 3 different cities and adapting to 3 completely diverse cultures, brought us together like nothing else we have ever experienced. I am happy to say that I walked away with more than I had hoped for - the education, the experience, and 32 great friends for life.