Dr. J. Brock Smith

Dr. J. Brock Smith
Professor; Francis G. Winspear Scholar; Champion Entrepreneurship Specialization


BCom University of British Columiba; MBA & PhD in Marketing, University of Western Ontario

Office: BEC 232


  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing research
  • Tourism
  • Entrepreneurship

“Entrepreneurship is mainly about what you know and what you do, as such it is a cognitive task that can be learned,” says Dr. J. Brock Smith, who teaches marketing and entrepreneurship courses at the undergraduate, graduate, and executive program levels in the Gustavson School of Business.

Brock joined UVic in 1991 and, since 2007, has championed the entrepreneurship program for the university and the business school. Brock also serves as academic director to the university’s Innovation Centre for Entrepreneurs (ICE). He has also served as the academic director of the Bachelor of Commerce program and champion of the hospitality management program,

Brock’s research interests are in the areas of marketing strategy, entrepreneurship, and tourism and he hopes his research into the expert entrepreneurial mind-set and entrepreneurial behaviours will help prospective entrepreneurs learn to become experts faster, with less failure, and will lead to improved understanding how this expertise can best be learned. He has published articles in the Journal of Marketing, Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, and the Academy of Management, among other journals in the areas of entrepreneurial cognitions, value creation, team selling, and buyer-seller relationship. He is also the lead Canadian author of a popular marketing principles textbook.

In addition to his teaching and scholarly activities, Brock is involved in community consulting projects. Recent clients include the Victoria Foundation, the Victoria International Airport Authority, and the Vancouver International Marathon Society. Brock has also been involved in the development of online course materials for UVic, BC Open Learning, and Thompson Rivers University and is currently co-delivering a first-nations entrepreneurship program.

After graduating from UBC in 1984, Brock worked for IBM Canada in a variety of sales and marketing positions in Vancouver and Calgary. He left IBM to complete a PhD in marketing from the Ivey School of Business where he won the international 1992 Academy of Marketing Science doctoral dissertation award.

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  • Gustavson School of Business Innovation Award: Entrepreneurship Team (2009)
  • Gustavson School of Business Excellence in Research award (2008)
  • USASBE Model Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Award (2000)
  • Academy of Management Innovation in Entrepreneurship Pedagogy Award (1999)
  • Academy of Marketing Science Doctoral Dissertation Award (1992)
  • Principles of Marketing  (undergraduate)
  • New Venture Marketing (undergraduate & MBA)