Shelley Price

 Shelley Price
Assistant Professor



Office: BEC 222

Shelley is an Inuk woman born in the NunatuKavut region of Labrador. She currently resides in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq. Shelley’s work calls for trauma-informed and culturally humble approaches to leadership with keen interest on the intersecting injustices between race, gender, mental health, and the environment. She works with Indigenous storytelling, collective, affective, and land-based wisdom. She explores the multiplicities of meanings in the intercedes of the calls for sustainable, just, diverse, equitable, inclusive, safe, and healthy ways of being, doing, knowing, and relating to self, family, community, nature, and the cosmos. She is guided by her ancestors' teachings of love, compassion, gratitude, respect, connection, and resistance. She believes that our efforts today will honour our ancestors and protect the future generations. Part of Shelley's self care practice is playing piano, blasting her metal music, walking outdoors in bare feet (yup in winter too), playing with her cats, and spending every possible minute with her son.

Journal Publications


Price, S., Hartt, C., Mills, A., & MacFarlane, N. (2021). Indigenous and gendered persons and peoples in business ethics education: Using intersections of de Beauvoirian and Indigenous wisdoms. Gender, Work & Organization.

Price, S., Fogarty, M., Sheppard, D.A., Campbell, G., Cartwright, S., Ito, K., MacDonald, R., Skotnitsky, S. G., Weigand, H., & Smith, K. (2022). Leading with Compassion: Co-designing a Workshop That Responds to a Report of Sexual Harassment or Discrimination with Unbiased Compassion. In M. Thomason (Ed.), Kindness in Management and Organizational Studies (pp. 75–108). Emerald Publishing Limited. 

Price, S. & Driscoll, C. (2021). Storytelling leadership toward a just future: Decolonizing the leadership ecosystem through lessons learned from stories of the old ways and old days of Labrador. ASAC Conference. Online. Best Paper Award in Management Education Division.

Book Chapters


Price, S., Archie, K., Bacon, A., Chevrier, K., Cleary, M-C., Delormier, L. Iserhoff, J., Metallic, V., & Roy, J. (in press). Storytelling the Philanthropic Landscape: Collective restorying of giving and sharing through Indigenous Perspectives. In Eds. Jean-Marc Fontan. Philanthropy in Québec. PhiLab Book Chapter.

Price, S., Hartt, C., Arumugam, A. & Guzman Skotnitsky, S. (forthcoming). Collective storytelling: Cultural celebration and the #sealfie movement. In Helms Mills, J. & Thurlow, A. (2021) Diversity and Business Storytelling.

Price, S., Weigand, H. & Mills, B. (forthcoming). The Gordon Foundation’s Empowerment of Canada’s North: Locating place as a sense of home. In Eds. Jean-Marc Fontan. PhiLab Case Studies Book Chapter.

Weigand, H., Price, S., & Williams, T. (forthcoming). The Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Trust: Sacred space and nostalgic wonderment. In Eds. Jean-Marc Fontan. PhiLab Case Studies Book Chapter.