Dr. Sang H. Nam

Dr. Sang H. Nam
Associate Professor; Korea Projects


BBA, Seoul National University; MBA, Bowling Green State University; PhD in Management, University of Oregon

Office: BEC 220


  • Cross-cultural management
  • Human resource management
  • Organizational behaviour

Dr. Sang Nam has been part of the Gustavson School of Business at UVic since 1992 and has shared his expertise in cross-cultural management, human resource management and organizational behaviour with hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students.

His research and publications focus on comparing organizational behaviors between individualistic and collectivistic cultures, face-saving behaviour in Asia, expatriate management, and the management practices of the “chaebol” (Korean conglomerates).

Sang has consulted with Korean conglomerates and taught frequently in executive education programs. He also serves as a visiting professor at several universities and business schools in South Korea.

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  • Introduction to Canadian Business (Com 290 )
  • Consulting Methods and Practice (MGB 535)
  • Cross-National Management (IB 415)