Dr. Vivien Corwin

Dr. Vivien Corwin
Assistant Teaching Professor


BA in International Relations, University of Toronto; PhD in Organizational Behaviour, University of British Columbia

Office: BEC 276


  • Leadership
  • Change management
  • Organizational culture
  • Human resources
  • Service excellence

Vivien joined the Gustavson School of Business in 2006 and now serves as the Director of Masters of Management Program. Previously she oversaw the academic direction of the school’s undergraduate program.

Vivien’s primary interest is in business education. She teaches in the school’s graduate and undergraduate programs and in executive programs in the area of leadership development. Topics include collaboration, employee engagement, leadership and change management all with an emphasis on service excellence.

Her research has been published in Harvard Business Review, Journal of Organizational Behavior, and American Behavioral Scientist.

Before joining UVic, Vivien taught at Royal Roads University, where she also served as MBA Program Director, and at Wilfrid Laurier University, in Waterloo, Ontario. Vivien has also worked in the private sector as an organizational development consultant.

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Lawrence, T. & Corwin, V. (2003). Being there: The acceptance and marginalization of part-time professional employees. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 24(8), 923-943.

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  • Award of Excellence in Service, Gustavson School of Business (2014)
  • Leading People and Organizations (BCom)
  • Human Resource Management for Service Excellence (BCom, MBA)
  • Managing People and Organizations (MBA)