Jon Chabun

 Jon Chabun
Web & Marketing Specialist

Office: BEC 140

Marketing is everything and everything is marketing. Jon believes that ‘great work’ can’t be done on the surface. You’ve got to dig deep and get your hands dirty. You also need to have marketing aligned with the goals of the organization and have buy-in from everyone if you want it to be successful. Jon absolutely loves storytelling and the power of narrative. A good story is something else. Stats and numbers are fine but a good story can truly inspire.

Some of his career highlights include launching and hosting a podcast, overseeing a corporate rebranding, helping to create a new website, running myth-busting campaigns, and providing communications support during the HMCS Protecteur incident.

Jon has a BCom in Marketing. He absolutely loves to be back in an environment supporting students and learning. Before joining UVic in 2021, he had experience working for non-profit organizations, post-secondary institutions and an elearning company.

Bravo Zulu, Maritime Forces Pacific, 2016