The ACE Program is honoured to have received recognition for the collaborative work of our program partners and faculty regionally, nationally and internationally.

IPN Awards
Pictured above are some of the team members who were awarded the Alan Blizzard Award.

2016 Global Best Awards

In 2016, the The Northwest Aboriginal Canadian Entrepreneurs (NW-ACE) program won two awards at the annual Global Best Awards Ceremony. The awards ceremony took place in Oslo, Norway and honoured winners in six categories that recognize exceptional educational partnerships worldwide.
  • 2016 North America Gold Winner for Entrepreneurship and Entreprise Skills
  • 2016 Overall Global Best Winner

This global conference is hosted on a biannual basis by the International education-business Partnership Network (IPN). The IPN is an independent, not-for-profit, global network of education, business, and community partnerships. It encourages and facilitates partnerships, both at the local level and internationally.

Main trees
2016 Global Best Award Ceremony in Oslo, Norway

2016 Alan Blizzard Award

In 2016, the Northwest Aboriginal Canadian Entrepreneurs (NW‐ACE) program was awarded the Alan Blizzard Award for distinguished collaboration in Canadian university teaching and learning from the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE).

The Alan Blizzard Award was established by the Society for Teaching and Learning to encourage, identify, and publicly recognize those whose exemplary collaboration in university teaching enhances student learning. The concept for the Alan Blizzard Award was developed by a committee including Chris Knapper (President, 1982-1987), Alan Blizzard (President, 1987-1995), Pat Rogers (President, 1995-2000), and Dale Roy (Coordinator, 3M National Teaching Fellowship). The Award honours Alan Blizzard in promoting the vision and practice of collaborative teaching for deep learning.

Alan Blizzard
2016 Alan Blizzard Award Ceremony

2014 ICAB Award

The NW-ACE program received the Industry Council for Aboriginal Business (ICAB) 2014 Partnership and Collaboration Visionary Award for exemplifying leadership and best practices in the development of mutually-beneficial initiatives.

ICAB was created to help develop dialogue between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal businesses and communities throughout BC. The Aboriginal Business Recognition Awards were established to celebrate and recognize the successes of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal corporations and individuals who have worked together to create economic opportunities for each other.

ICAB Awards
2014 ICAB Award Ceremony