The Entrepreneurship Specialization is a single semester, integrated, experiential learning program. We view entrepreneurship as new value creation (economic, social, and environmental value) and entrepreneurs as people who create new value in new ventures, existing businesses (corporate entrepreneurship), not-for-profit organizations (social entrepreneurship), or government.

The specialization delivers requisite concepts, skills, and experiences in the order needed to create either a new venture, or new value in an existing organization. You are in-class with the same colleagues three hours a day, three days a week for three months. From your perspective, it looks like one big course, with a shared experience with other prospective entrepreneurs.

Specific objectives include:
Topics include:
Balance of Theory and Practice

Our orientation is highly practical, experiential and competency-based. Our teaching team consists of seasoned faculty who constitute an array of theoretical and industry backgrounds. As well, we bring in a number of successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists from the community to discuss practical elements. We know that the best way to develop an entrepreneurial mindset is to actually practice being an entrepreneur. Consequently there are many experiential elements. These include: