KPMG Simulation teaches lessons in strategy and decision-making

The 2017 KPMG Simulation wrapped up on March 15, and proved another exciting and valuable exercise in business strategy and decision-making for Gustavson’s third year BCom students. The KMPG Simulation is designed to help students understand how their learning can be integrated into business decision making, and demonstrate how marketing, operations, human resources and finance interact and impact one another.

Gideon Rapaport, of Team 34, highlighted the central role that teamwork plays in the exercise. “We got to learn a lot about each other by working together, including how to utilize our individual strengths, and how to leverage our personal backgrounds and knowledge to improve the various aspects of the business we were running.” 

This year’s winners were Team 27 from Cohort 3, composed of Mitch DeCock, Yiwen Xu, Genevieve Simmons and Larry Chen. Reflecting on the win, the team say, "We are very grateful to KPMG for hosting the 2017 KPMG business simulation. Throughout the process, we relished the opportunity to compete with our classmates and hone our business strategy. While competing, we were able to expand upon in-class knowledge. Now, we find ourselves reflecting back to the competition and gleaning valuable insights into every new class concept introduced."

Congratulations to Team 27! Our thanks go to KPMG for sponsoring this simulation and helping our students connect their classroom learning to real business scenarios. 


Team 27, L-R: Genevieve Simmons, Larry Chen, Yiwen Xu and Mitch DeCock