Gustavson School of Business Recognized as “Transforming” in 2021 Positive Impact Rating

June 17, 2021, Victoria, BC – The Gustavson School of Business is pleased to be listed as a “Transforming” school on the 2021 Positive Impact Rating (PIR), launched June 17 at the UN PRME Global Forum. Demonstrating the school’s deep-rooted emphasis on sustainability and social innovation, the rating represents Gustavson students’ perspectives on how the school is having a positive impact on the world.

Measuring the social impact levels of 46 business schools from 21 countries, the PIR is a rating conducted by students and for students.

“From driving the school’s carbon offsets to developing innovative new business ideas, our students are fundamental collaborators in our efforts as a school to create meaningful change,” says Gustavson Dean Saul Klein. “This rating is an important reflection of the student voice at Gustavson, and the role societal impact plays in our work.”

The PIR is the first rating in which students worldwide assess business schools on their positive impact. Now in its second year, students rate business schools on how they perceive their positive impact in the world. The PIR recognizes that positive impact of business schools goes beyond contribution to business and the economy; it addresses the need for positive impact on society at large.

The data collection is organized by student associations, which distribute surveys across campuses. The PIR gives students a platform to assess the positive impact of their own schools, providing a unique opportunity for their voices to be heard.

Evaluated on Energizing, Engaging and Educating themes, schools are placed into five tiers, with the Transforming tier second from the top and representing those schools that show a positive impact culture, embedded in governance and systems, with visible progress in many impact dimensions.

“Sustainability and social innovation are integrated throughout Gustavson’s curriculum, research and culture,” says Klein. “We are pleased to be recognized for our commitment to continued leadership in this area.”

More information about PIR:

Contact: Sasha Milam, Gustavson Communications, | (250) 516-2611.