2016 Finalists

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1st place & People's Choice Award

Stephanie Slater, Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies - What homicide survivors have taught me about distress and what they can teach you too

Second Place

Tom Iwanicki, Department of Biology - Blessing in disguise: flatfish camouflage reveals function in specialized retinas

The other finalists

Manda Roddock, Department of Sociology - Why I'm Alive: Understanding Healthwork in British Columbia

Bingxian Mu, Department of Mechanical Engineering - United we stand, divided we fall

Caroline Winter, Department of English - Frankenstein Economies and Gothic Literature

Armaghan Attar, School of Earth and Ocean Sciences - Godzillas deep in the ocean!

Thanh Phan, Faculty of Law - How can multinational corporations help national laws travel around the world?

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