2015 Finalists

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1st place & People's Choice Award

Stephanie Bonvicini, MSc, Department of Chemistry - Liquid Lasers: Can they solve the pesky laser malfunctions that evil villains (and scientists) face?

2nd place

Christina Schallenberg, PhD, School of Earth & Ocean Sciences - What Sustains Plankton in an Ocean Desert?

Other Finalists

Ian Darke, PhD, Department of Geography - Restoration of Coastal Dune Dynamics

Mingxi Liu, PhD, Department of Mechanical Engineering - Make Smart Grid Smarter

Melanie Callas, MA, Department of Anthropology - Dancing with Molly: Strategies for Determining Ecstasy Purity

Nicole Gardner, MA, Department of Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies - Homeschooling: The Importance of Choice in Education

Jayaram Subramanian, MASc, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering - Save the Motor! Save the Industry!

Lawrence Evalyn, MA, Department of English - Reading Books by the Hundreds


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