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Genevieve Von Petzinger - Anthropology

Genevieve von Petzinger (Anthropology) is the only Canadian on the distinguished list of 20 new international fellows at the TEDGlobal Conference 2011 in Edinburgh, Scotland, where she shared her recent research with an international audience.

Genevieve earned international media attention with her discovery of ancient geometric signs from the Ice Age. Originally as a master’s student in UVic’s Department of Anthropology, von Petzinger discovered a repeating pattern of symbols carved on prehistoric cave walls. She has compiled a database of 5,000 geometric shapes, lines and squiggles from 146 Ice Age caves in France and garnered global attention.

“I am delighted TEDGlobal chose me and it is a great honour," says von Petzinger. Read more about this cave art scholar named TEDGlobal Fellow 2011.

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