News and events

TUKTUUYAQTUUQ (Caribou Crossing): Maureen Gruben

In Maureen Gruben's careful attention to life-sustaining physical elements, she alsotraces the caribou's vast immaterial presence in her culture.

Online Grad Writing Room

Grad Writing Room (CAC-supported) (2 to 4pm Wednesdays until December 2, Zoom link:

Join us online to "meet" with other graduate students and write "alone, together" in this virtual space, hosted by CAC writing specialists.

Applied Math Seminar: The replicator equation for spatial populations

Speaker: Yu-Ting Chen, University of Victoria
Location: via Zoom
Event type: Applied math seminar

Pet Café Lite: Session is Full

Missing your pet? Stressed about school? Come for cuddles with a certified therapy dog. Each session will be one-on-one style, with one student and one pet-therapy team. Space is limited.

Physics and Astronomy Colloquia: Dr. Reiner Kruecken, TRIUMF

“Physicists battling COVID-19: Rapid development of an Emergency Room ventilator – the Mechanical Ventilator Milano”

Operator Seminar: The Zappa-Szep product of a Fell bundle by a groupoid

Speaker: Boyu Li, University of Victoria
Location: ECS 125 and Zoom
Event type: Operator theory seminar